1 possible departure from Spain

The refuge “Amics de Montgarri”

3 possible departures from France

The “Maison du Valier” stopover gîte and restaurant / The parking “La Pucelle” / The stopover gîte at Eylie


  • First day

The refuge “Amics de Montgarri” – The refuge “Estagnous”

Walking time : 6h to 8h
Distance : 13km
Elevation : +1280m / -563m
Markings : Cross-border GR

A challenging way to discover the “Mont Valier” with spectacular landscapes.
Alternative: “Pic de Barlonguère” or “Tuc de Milh” (+ 300m elevation )

  • Second day

The refuge “Estagnous” – The “Maison du Valier”

stopover gîte and restaurant

Walking time : 5h to 6h
Distance : 12km
Elevation : +262m / -1522m
Markings : “Chemin de la liberté” + GR10

A long descent over natural granite blocks skirting the moutain lake known as “Milouga”.
Alternative : The “Mont Valier” (+ 893m elevation )

  • Third day

The “Maison du Valier” stopover gîte and restaurant – the stopover “Gîte at Eylie”

Walking time : 8h to 10h
Distance : 21km
Elevation : +1730m / -1582m
Markings : GR10

A pleasant moutain walk through beechwoods and agricultural landscapes.

  • Fourth day

The stopover “Gîte at Eylie” – The refuge at “l’étang d’Araing”

Walking time : 4h to 5h
Distance :
Elevation :
+1221m / -311m
: GR10

Climbing to high altitudes using the old mining paths
Alternative : Pic de Crabère (+720m elevation)

  • Fifth day

The refuge at “l’étang d’Araing” – The refuge “Amics de Montgarri”

Walking time : 7h to 9h
Distance :
Elevation :
+1000m / -1072m
Markings :
Cairns + GR211

A long distance high altitude walk through unspoiled mountain scenery
Alternative: Maubermé (+720m elevation )

Download the detailed description of the Pass’Aran Tour



The Pass’Aran tour is entirely marked, however the length of some stages require you to be in good physical condition with a good experience of map reading.

The route crosses five passes over 2400m high. These pathways can still be snow-covered in June/July and need special care and may require the use of ice axes and studded shoes. Do not hesistate to contact the wardens in the refuges to find out about weather conditions and snow-coverage on these passes.

For those of you who are not sure do not hesistate to hire a moutain guide.

One can find the complete tour map in the tour pack or in the five refuges/gîtes.


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The gpx trail to download  : passaran

For more technical information concerning the altitude or the level differences, QR-code and gpx file to download : randogps, wikiloc ou visugpx